Social Media Advertising

Increasing the social media presence of a business is extremely useful when it comes to creating a desired brand image and to increase sales. At GoDigital, we focus on your actual marketing efforts, by reaching the desired target audience. Our helpful team is ready to assist your business by utilising the optimal advertising platform, at the right time and with the right content, which will lead to improved ROI.
The team at GoDigital will gladly assist you with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Snapchat. Our media team is also excited to offer the possibility of customising your marketing campaigns by offering our professional photo and video services.

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Social Media


Facebook is the world's largest Social Media platform, and is a key driver of creating engagement, generating awareness and increasing profits.


Instagram has over 700 million daily users and is the No1 photo sharing platform in the world, and provides a great opportunity for creating a following community, that will engage with your brand.



Linkedln is one of the most under-utilised social networks when it comes to digital marketing. Few Realise it's immense potential and fewer use it to maximum capability to deliver fabulous marketing and sales results. When it comes to Personal Branding, B2B Marketing, Niche B2C Marketing and targeting a specific professional group, Linkedln is the best bet out there.


YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform in the world, YouTube enables people around the world to interact, share and create content throughout online communities. Your Business could use YouTube to launch or promote products, express your brand's personality and minter feedback. but also help your customers spread the word about your business.



Snapchat is a useful marketing tool, with more than 166 million daily active users, who's watching 10 billions video per day. Snapchat is a particular important platform for brands whose target marketing aligns with Snapchat's core demographics.


Twitter can be a useful marketing channel for businesses that have customers who are Twitter users, Your business could use Twitter to promote products converse with customers, monitor feedback and trends and provide customer service.

Not every business ia candidate for Twitter. Like any business activity, Twitter requires planning, resourcing and monitoring.

The Social Media team at GoDigital are specialists at advertising across these platforms. If your business is interested in increasing profits and sales, generating awareness or creating community of brand loyal customers, we highly suggest that you consider utilising or Social Media advertising services. Contact us today and we will design a FREE and customised Social Media plan for your business!