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5 Ways to Boost Engagement and Traffic on your Website

There is no shortage of competition on the web that keep you locked in a fierce battle to gain the attention of the internet users. And, herein lies the challenge. In the process, you need to focus beyond the staggering amount of competition. You can lose their attention in seconds. So, you have got just a few seconds to create an impression on them.

Your website is built with a purpose – maybe to attract new clients, sell products or promote your products or services. It means whenever there's a visitor on your site, there's something that you would like them to do. But, if they leave your site without taking any action, you have lost an opportunity. That's why simply focusing on increasing the traffic is not enough. How engaged your visitors are with your website or brand is the most important thing. Ask yourself if they're spending some time on your website to take your desired action? If no, then you need to work towards boosting visitor engagement on your website. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely they are to convert.

Sharing a few ideas that might help you boost visitor engagement on your website:

Consider your audience

A lot is said and talked about the consumer behavior using the internet. Folks believe that minimalist design is what impresses them. Sites displaying many ads can complicate things and lead to an increase in bounce rate. So, what do you think – people want to see ads or not? They prefer a clean design or want a colorful interface?

A website featuring a minimalist design and one with a messy look can both enjoy good traffic. Because, people keep professionalism above all. A well-designed neat website and a well-designed cluttered website can both look great. Do your research, make wise selections and invest time, money and resources where it is important.

Create informative, engaging content

Of course, content is king, but you can't simply focus on the volume. Content is important, but only when it is done right.  If you are creating content that users find helpful, you get a good start. Take a little time browsing through reliable resources to find what keeps users engaged. Good content with unambiguous title, useful tips, an opinion and tutorials attract comment and share. Easy to read content with headlines and subheadings is considered user-friendly. Furthermore, don't ignore the images as it attract more views.

While creating the content also remember that it remains easy to read for search engines as well. Implement SEO tactics to increase your likelihood of ranking.

Collect right email addresses

If you want to make return customers, you need to reach out to them. Collect e-mail addresses and communicate with your subscribers. It will help drive visitors back to your website and increase engagement. Consider adding an opt-in form to your website for subscribers.

Boost page speed

Page speed is now an official ranking factor to provide users with great experience using your website. Since users hate waiting for a website to open, Google gives preference to websites that load fast and has a good page speed. Your website should score well on PageSpeed Insights for both mobile and desktop in order to rank well. So, if your website is slow, user engagement will suffer.

Pay attention to navigation for both mobile and desktop

A professionally designed website with well-structured navigation will help in increasing customer engagement. Think about customers’ convenience and you will surely be able to trigger more engagement and get more repeat customers.

Same also stands true for mobiles. As more and more people are using mobile to browse the internet and making online purchases, engagement through mobiles matter a lot. Easy to navigate and intuitive website manage to keep customers hooked.

Conclusively, you don’t need to work hard to boost customer engagement. But, apply a few simple ideas and your website will trigger higher engagement, boosting traffic and conversions. User-friendly, quick to load and easy to navigate websites win customers easily.

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