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Facebook Ads for Local Businesses | How to Take a COLD ☃️ Audience and Turn Them into Customers

Updated: May 26, 2019

[Let me preface this article by mentioning that if you have NOT already read my last article, this article may not make as much sense. So please do yourself a favor and read my previous article here: Article You MUST Read]

If you hear another local business owner tell you that Facebook Advertising does not work for their business, please do them a favor and refer them to this article...

As discussed in my previous article HERE, I explained how most business owners approach Facebook advertising as a "hunting" platform.

They think that people who view their ads on Facebook are all qualified people, actively looking for their product/ service.

This is not exactly wrong, just definitely not right.

Let me explain.

I concluded my last article saying:

"Business owners must understand that both farming [Facebook Ads] and hunting [Google Ads] are ESSENTIAL, but they both have very different approaches to achieving the same end result.

Now, if you are interested in seeing an exact walk-through on how to take a complete, cold audience on Facebook and "warming" them up over time so that they buy from you...

...then click here for the next article:"

So here's "the next article" where we show you A-Z how to create an ad that will take an audience who has never heard of you before, and "warm them up" so that they will consider buying from you.

To start things off, we must understand the fundamentals of any marketing effort:

 The sales funnel.

Back to the Basics.

Before anyone can buy anything from you, you have to be visible.

As you can see at the top of any sales funnel is "Awareness."

The only problem is there is so much content (pictures/ videos) floating around online that it's difficult to hold someones attention.

So how do we do it?

Well, we've got to give them an offer they cannot refuse!

How does this practically look like when running Facebook Ads for a local business?

Here are two examples:

Example #1

As you can see this is an example of what marketers call a "top of funnel" ad.

This is one example of an advertisement that's SOLELY there to get someones attention.

In this case, we have a video from an SEO education business that is looking to educate people on what they should keep in mind when registering their next website domain.

How can this also apply to any local business?

It doesn't matter whether you're a family dentist, or a restaurant; as long as you are in compliance with your industry standards, you can offer tips on how to do something that people in your industry are struggling with.

Example #2

Here is another "top of funnel" ad that you can run on Facebook to a cold audience.

This is called a giveaway advertisement.

Giveaway advertisements are meant to strategically offer something that has a high perception of value to your target audience, in exchange for some of their contact information.

The main idea behind this strategy is that if people are even the slightest interested in your products/ services, enough to the point where they will enter their contact info to enter a giveaway, those are potential prospects.

(And I'll explain in just a second what we are going to do with their contact info.)

Having said that, it is our responsibility to determine which of these people are actually qualified, and which are not.

There will always be people who are in it just for the free giveaway, and that is fine. In fact, that is the purpose of a sales funnel, right? Getting to the bottom of the funnel takes a lot of filtering out unqualified people.

So once these people click on our giveaway ad, we collect their information by having them go on a landing and input their email address, name, or phone number. This will allow us to send them more promotions down the line.

Cool Strategy...But How Do We DO It?

We understand the strategy of how to get in front of a cold.

Now let's take a look at the tactics on how to do this.

Because creating Facebooks Ads is such a visual task, I will have to show you in person, so book in a meeting with me and I will show you 😉 You can book in a meeting with me HERE.

Now Go Direct

Okay, so now that we understand how to implement this strategy, let's take a look at what to do with our warm audience.

At this stage of the campaign: you understand who your target audience is, we ran brand awareness advertisements to them, and now we are left with a group of people who are more engaged than others.

With this group, we want to now send them more direct ads to have them purchase from you.

This is an example of a direct ad:

This is what marketers call a "bottom of the funnel" ad.

This basically means that this is an effective ad, only if you have achieved awareness, interest, and they are in the stage of deciding whether to buy from you or not.

In this example above, the company is offering 25% off on a specific item. This same offer can be done with any local businesses that sell products.

If you're a local business that offers services, you can consider offering a discount for a service that is low-tier for you, or you can simply offer a free consultation.

Either one of these will be effective.

The question is, how do we send advertisements to ONLY this warm audience?

The answer to that is through re-targeting.

Once someone has engaged (liked, commented, or shared) your ad, or has given you their information, this enables you to send them advertisements again. This is called re-targeting.

The real sale occurs on the fourth or even FIFTH re-targeting ad, so it is in your best interest to follow-up.

Just like how in sales they say "the fortune is in the follow-up," it's the same concept.

The more times someone sees your brand, given that they are need/ want what you offer, they are more likely to buy from you.

Same dilemma as before. We know the strategy, what are the tactics?

For this, we are also going to need to show you a video breakdown because this will get a little too techie to type out.


There you have it folks!

A through Z, how local business owners can take a cold audience, and turn them into customers!

Now, once you have those customers and they become regulars for your business, there may be a period of time where they begin to slow down how many times they come back and visit...

If you have any questions/ comments about this article, or need help implementing these strategies for your business, please contact me at

If you found this article useful share it with someone you know.

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