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How to Ace Your Content Strategy with Storytelling in 2018

What do we learn here?

Lesson 1. Storytelling is a powerful way to put innovative ideas into the world.

Lesson 2. Your efforts won’t be understood until you tell your story to people.

Lesson 3. People connect better with the product through a story.

A brand is a matter of perception. When a business tells its story that embodies human challenges, it creates an experience that resonates with the emotions of its customers. Thus, storytelling can be a progressive marketing strategy that can breathe life into a brand’s identity. It can ease marketing efforts to drive revenue and customer loyalty. We have all seen and experienced its impact with brands that are doing it on point. Be it the story by #PaperBoat drinks that takes you back to the memory lane or #Nike Equality campaign that promotes positive social change for the future.

Customers are able to establish a personal connect with the brand and embark on a journey with the offerings that yearn them an experience. 

But, the attention challenge:

Stories are transferred from one generation to next and that's how you want to share your brand story with the world, the one that is remembered for generations. However, its 2018. You are dealing with the generation that doesn't look for a remote control to change the channel but want to binge watch an entire season of their favorite TV series overnight. Day starts and ends with fidgeting on smart phones. Capturing attention for even microseconds between the mobile screen scrolls is incredibly difficult. Your audience is consuming information in hyper speed. So how do you make sure your story is heard? The answer to this is to make storytelling a part of your content marketing.

Implementing storytelling in your content strategy:

The art of writing perfect brand stories in online content is a challenge that requires skills to balance a mix of creative elements of fiction writing and marketing in the writer. Typically, a story structure includes a situation, conflict, resolution and impact (or moral). When you incorporate storytelling to your content strategy, you are not just telling narrative, but telling what’s true and telling it well so that your audience feels motivated to take an action. To write a compelling story for your business, keep these three points in mind:

  • Be Original: Don’t let your brand die as a copy. Creating a unique and original brand identity through storytelling will add authenticity to your company. Authenticity is the most important ethic of marketing. Tell your story. Who are you? Why you doing what you doing? Bring out the purpose of your existence. When your brand tells its story or offers a fresh perspective, it creates a unique identity for itself. For this, feature real people, situations, and facts for audience to relate.

  • Be Human: Create content that is the first order of business, not an agenda outlining what you're going to explain in the rest of your write-up. A little drama doesn’t hurt. Open up to add humor, suspense and emotion in the story that grips the audience to stay intrigued about you. Do not overdo. Be rooted to your reality—your brand, products, and actual results.

  • Serve the Customer: To begin with, know that you create stories for your audience to consume. Start with studying and understanding your customers and their pain areas. Communicate with them and acknowledge them as unique individuals. Tell your audience how you can solve their problems and add value to their life. Leave it on your customers to decide how they would like to interact with your brand. Lay all facts and be excited about the success. Thus, you cultivate a relationship based on trust, mutual respect and common interests.

Storytelling requires increasing consumer emotional engagement in a brand through various content tools that weave the brand story line into real-life experiences through marketing initiatives. Use various content tools, from long form white papers to the smallest of tweets at multiple customer touch-points to support, enrich and deliver your story among masses. As your business grows, experiences keep adding up and new stories or extensions to the existing story starts building up. To maximize results, craft your story in various content assets and tell it on various mediums, channels, and platforms to retain attention for longer span and, eventually, conversion rates.

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