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How Zuckerberg lost $15.9 billion last Thursday

It’s over…

Facebook is dead in the water.

That’s what Wall Street investors and news stations have been screaming for the past few days….

As Facebook shedded $119 billion of it’s market cap in a single day last week.

Check it out:

Zuck’s lost a stiff $15.9 billion last Thursday…

Yes, almost $16 BILLION in one day!

But don’t worry.

He won’t be surviving off two-minute noodles…

Or joining the unemployment line.

He is still worth a cool $71 billion on paper.

And while Facebook took a huge hit after their earnings call.

Which had the company missing it’s projected revenue and profit numbers for the past quarter.

This sent the market into a panic.

Should you be worried?

Should you start pivoting your budget into Google Ads?

Stop that MADNESS!

Right here, and right now.


Let’s just take a moment to stop and take a look at how this happened…

And what it all means...

Facebook has been growing like CRAZY!

Like mad, crazy.

In addition to this…

It has obviously been in some hot water with the whole Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Fake news etc.

And as a result, the company hired some 2,000 compliance people!

That obviously took a huge hit on their profitability.

The ‘compliance police’ moved in and locked shit down.

They started denying certain advertisers on their platform and overall being more conservative.

But I think after last weeks shake down.

Facebook got a wakeup call that compliance isn’t the main thing.

Revenue is.

It’s the oxygen that a business (and the market) needs to survive.

I’m predicting the most prosperous time for Facebook advertisers that we’ve seen in years.


Well, who do you think will be the first to get the chop, in order to cut costs and improve profitability?

Yep, you guessed it!

Those compliance folks.

I predict as they go, Facebook will be more liberal in who they let advertise on their platform.

And I also think, the ratio of sponsored post vs organic will likely increase.

As a result; I believe we’ll see CPMS drop to the lowest they’ve been in years…

Even if they don’t, I’m not worried.

I have spent large amount of dollars on Facebook ads in the past year, for me and my clients.

The reason I’m not worried?

I have a proven rinse and repeat system which my team and I follow…

For turning complete strangers into high-paying clients using Facebook ads.

Even when more and more advertisers have been flooding onto Facebook and driving up the cost…

We still consistently turn $1 into $3, $5, $10 or even $30 dollars.

Want to have my team obliterate your current advertising results on Facebook?

Or, want to know if you could use Facebook to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave?

If so, I’m going to buy you $1,000 worth of my best strategists time (if you act quick enough).

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