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The Power of Social Media

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

In this article we’ve made a few tips and tricks on how to improve your social media game!

Want to learn a few tips and tricks on how to improve your social media game.

Why Should I use Social Media?

  • 7,5 Billion people on earth —> 3,8 Billion use the Internet.

  • 3 Billion people are active on social media daily.

  • 2,8 Billion use social media on their phones.


  • 5 Million Australians use Instagram, 700Million worldwide!

  • 97% of all engagement on Instagram are Likes.

  • 91% of all Instagram posts are Photos.

  • Instagram has the highest amount of engagement per post on any social networks.

Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Stories has 250 million active users Daily! WOW

  • 50% of the Businesses on Instagram produced an Instagram story in the last 30 days.

  • 1/3 of all the most views stories are businesses using Instagram Stories.

6 Instagram tricks

  1. Google the top # for your Industry to find out which # are the most popular to your business.

  2. Pick out 60 of those # (note they need to be related to the picture).

  3. Split these 60 # into two groups of 30 #.

  4. After Uploading your picture, directly post 30 # in the first comment ( Delete after about 2h).

  5. Then post the last 30 # in your comment field (let it stay there for approx. 24h).

  6. Engage your followers by reply to their comments and DM’s.


  • Facebook is the worlds most popular website EVER!

  • Facebook’s Mobile app is also the most used mobile app.

  • 70% of the Australian Population use Facebook DAILY.

  • 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy the products from brands they follow.

  • The Average Australian spend 12.5h per WEEK on Facebook and those hours are just going up each year.

  • Facebook have a total of 2 Billion users, with 1.6 Billon who's active DAILY.

  • Visual Content is more than 40 times more likley to get shared than other types of content.

  • There are 65 million active small business pages on Facebook, but only 6% of them pay for Advertising.

Do you see the Possibilities here???

4 Facebook tricks

  1. Facebook original videos receive 70% more reach and almost 2x the engagement of shared YouTube links.

  2. Pictures that are posted on Instagram and shared to your Facebook can get a greater reach.

  3. Shares from your Facebook’s Business page to your personal profile will increase reach.

  4. 85% of the people who watch a video on Facebook do not use any sound, SO USE CAPTIONS to get ATTENTION!

The team at GoDigital love to help people, and we strive to build long-term relationships, that's why we wanted to share this article about social media with you, in order to help you improve your business social media presence.

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