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Tips and Tricks to Engage Customers through your Website for Lead Generation

Ways to Engage Customers Online for Lead Generation

First Impression

Let's think about this from a customer's point of view. If a customer comes to your website and is not impressed by the aesthetics, it is likely that he/she won't consider your product/services worth purchasing. It has nothing to do with the actual quality of your product/service. The perceived quality takes a hit due to a poor first impression.

Due to a poor first impression, the chances of lead generation suffers.

You should focus on the following to make a good impact in the beginning:

  • Work on a good layout.

  • Select the right colour scheme. This guide is very helpful in this regard.

  • Have relevant sections of your website in a logical order with easy navigation.

  • Ensure your homepage loads quickly. Use Google Page Speed Insights to check if your website is loading fast enough. This tool also tells you the reasons of slow loading, if any.

A common mistake here is to work a lot on the homepage and neglect others. If you are working on a CPC campaign, it is likely that customers won't reach you through the homepage but your landing page (a web page which serves as the entry point for a website). Landing pages must be designed systematically with special attention to adding calls to action.

Content is King

SEO is being used so extensively that it has been reduced to a hygiene factor rather than the differentiating factor. This has made the quality of content a key differentiating factor. Content is now being used as an effective way to engage the customers.

The idea seems simple "Offer quality content and engage customers", right? Well, it is a lot easier said than done. Quality content requires a lot of effort. You must keep in mind the following points while developing content.

Looking for Quality Content? Connect with GoDigital.

  • Identify what the website traffic would be interested in. For example, if you have a gift delivery company, your visitors may be interested in a blog about the new trends of sending gifts or a video about how to convey your messages through gifts.

  • Use infographics, images, bullet points, videos, and divide the content into logical parts to make it easy to follow.

  • Provide new content regularly and keep updating the content. Remember, fresh is good.

  • Be generous with linking the sources so that the users can read further if needed.

Engagement Tools

The following ways have been proven to work like a charm for customer engagement:

  • Live Chat: Offer a live chat feature to your website so that the customers can get instant help.

  • Calculators: Depending on your business you can offer calculators like tax calculator, EMI calculator, RoI calculator etc. Just make sure that you take into account all the factors possible to calculate the required output so that the users can get benefitted.

  • Forums: A quality forum where the users can interact with others and solve their problems through discussions is an asset for any website.

  • Content generation by users: Involve your customers in the process of content creation. It has two benefits- you get free content and your user base grows due to the active participation of your users.

While all these tools can't be used for every website, you need to figure out which one suits your business model the best and work on it.

Generating Leads

Once you successfully engage with your potential customers, there is a good chance you will generate leads. However, in order to further ensure that you get a lot of leads try the following ways of offering incentives:

  • Newsletters: Develop a weekly newsletter which has information your potential customers can use. Include survey, news, and analysis in this. Your users would be happy to sign up for a quality newsletter.

  • Guide: Develop a comprehensive guide to help your customers with the activities they are interested in. For example, a company offering financial stock tips should develop a guide about how to trade. While this guide would engage the new traders, a guide like trading strategies will attract experienced traders.

  • Lead Generation Forms: Forms for lead generation should be easily accessible to the incoming traffic. Social media sign up option is quite effective here.

  • Discounts: Offer a discount based on your promotional campaigns to the users who sign up.

  • Calculator Results: Remember the calculators we talked about earlier? If your tool is unique enough you can ask the users to enter their email ids to get the result. The idea is to let your users use it first. Then ask for the email ids after they have used the calculator. This will further improve the chances of generating leads as you have already engaged the potential customers.

Bottom Line

Customer engagement through your website is essential to generate leads. The tools we've listed in this article will help you increase your website's percentage of lead generation. However, every tool is not equally suitable for all kinds of websites. Drop us a message if you are trying to figure out which one should you use.

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