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What are the best techniques for off-page SEO?

It seems like you’re considering improving the traffic for your website. My first advise would be to not leave on-page optimization, and off-page, on two different tables.

In my years of experience, in the field of SEO, I can easily say that only the best combination of On-Page and Off-page efforts will lead to the productive growth of your website.

If you are concentrating on just off-page SEO, then you can get traffic for the time being; but as Google and other search engines evolve over the years, you may have to fight with your competitors to maintain the top position on Google.

On-Page SEO is all about the optimization you do within your website, like creating a Title, Meta Description, schema integration, keyword placement, internal linking and much more. In short, On-Page SEO is all about structuring your website to be search engine friendly.

By conducting on-page optimization for both, small and big websites, you will require technical knowledge. So, if you feel like you’re lacking the knowledge about basic SEO techniques, it’s recommended to hire an SEO company that offers you affordable services. We at GoDigitaloffer on-page packages that can be customised for different businesses.

So, coming to your question, Off-page SEO techniques are more time consuming, but rewarding in the long-term.

Off-Page SEO: Building high-quality content: Great content is always king in digital marketing. When you go on and build good quality content, the users will share it and use it as a reference for other correlating research.

There you go! Your content is building backlinks for you, organically. Do not forget to update the content to keep it fresh.

Reach out to an influencer in your industry: Now that you have great content, you need to reach out to an influencer from your industry and ask him to provide a backlink to your website content from their website. Do not hesitate; Influencers always like to give value added content to their fans. These links make your site more trustworthy and Google loves it.

Brand Mentions:A whole era of unnatural link building has ended after Google rolled out the Penguin update. Penguin became Google’s tracer bullet, its job was to find and penalize websites that engaged in spam link building tactics. After this algorithm update, the number of sites using no-follow links multiplied.

As is the norm, no-follow links do not qualify PageRank, which itself has become an outdated term. There is no tool to measure it; so what could be the future ranking signals? Webmasters assume that the future signal for authority could be brand mentions. Even though there is no data available about how brand mentions can lead to better rankings, a few insider revelations from Search Engines have identified it as a strong ranking signal.

Become a guest Author: There is a plethora of good quality blogs that accepts articles from various authors; you can even choose a blog form your own niche. Write a good piece of research, or an analysis, and reach out to the best blog to guest post; you can request them for a backlink to your website. Always remember, quality of backlinks is always important than the quantity. So, choose blogs with a higher authority.

Social Signals: Social signals are traced by search engines that are based on the engagement of your content through social media pages. This is the most ignored major Off-Page technique, which adds more weightage to organic ranking. Having a good and engaging Social Media content will help you build your brand and rank higher in SERPs. Just go ahead and create pages on major social media channels.

Top Social Media Sites:

· Facebook -Log In or Sign Up

· Twitter -Twitter. It's what's happening.

· LinkedIn -Log In or Sign Up

· Google Plus -Discover - Google+

Participate in relevant discussion forums:Register yourself in relevant forums for your business. Provide a detailed answer to threads that are seeking information about your industry. Connect with industry peers and members of the community. Make a good use of ‘do-follow’ forums.

List of Top Forums (SEO Industry)

· Warrior Forum -The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace

· Digital Points Forums -Search Engine Marketing Industry News

· SEO Chat -

Social bookmarking sites: Social bookmarking sites are places where you save links and other content for the purpose of further reference. But, these bookmarks are public; this makes the bookmarked content visible to the online community. Bookmarking sites are the best platforms to promote your site. When you bookmark your website on a popular bookmarking site, you will gain back links, as well as, quality traffic to your site.

List of Top Social bookmarking sites

· Digg -Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now

· Scoop It| Research and publish the best content

· Slash dot -Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

· Reddit -reddit

Local SEO: If you are focusing on a niche business, that people will usually search for online, conducting local SEO should be an integral part of your off-page SEO Strategy. Let’s say that the user types, “local business near me”, and the search engine shows results that feature your competition! Doesn’t that prick your heart? Local business listing websites, above all Google My Business, should be your key to opening more possibilities. Getting your local business listed in search engines will help with word-of-mouth advertising. Additionally, this will give your business a much-needed boost in the form of good reviews and ratings.

Video Submission: Pick a topic from your website or blog. Make a short and comprehensive length video around it and head to the video publishing site. Submit your video with the proper title, description, tags and reference links (linking back to your website or blog) and publish it. This will be the best way to get a quality backlinks. Make sure to submit your videos to the sites with high domain authority.

List of Top video submission sites

· Youtube -YouTube

· Vimeo -Vimeo: Watch, upload, and share HD and 4K videos with no ads

Question and Answer sites: Join high DA Q&A forums, search for questions that are related to your business, blog, and industry; provide clear and compelling answers to the question. Link back your website, or blog, as a reference to your answer wherever necessary.

List of Top Question and answer sites

· Yahoo Question and Answers -Home | Yahoo Answers

· Quora -

· Blurt It -Ask Questions, Get Free Answers

Stealing Backlinks the White Hat Way: Do you already know the competitors in your industry? Don’t hesitate from stealing a few backlink ideas from them. Think of a niche industry with few competitors who are receiving good organic traffic. Most likely they have a bunch of good backlinks pointing to their website. Conduct a site audit of these competitors and see where they get the authority backlinks from. After finding the websites that validate your competition, try reaching out to them. See if you can instill some confidence to achieve a link back, as an appreciation for the extraordinary work that you do.

Broken Link audit of your site: Is your website facing a sudden dip in traffic? One of the important things to consider while auditing your website is to check for broken links. Let’s say you have had a cornerstone article that had backlinks from a high authority site. After a website revamp the link of the particular article got changed. There is a high possibility that your website ranking has suffered due to this. To get the rank back, you might have to contact the site owner and request him to replace the old link with a new one.

Broken Link audit for the competitor site: This is cheeky, still useful, if you think your competitor is way too big to give you head-on competition, and if you notice a few broken backlinks after doing a site audit of the competitor. Then you will have to contact the referring website. Inform them about the broken external link and try suggesting your website link. Of course, you don’t want to give your competitor the advantage. Caution! Your pitch should not be a spoiler.

Managing on-page and off-page optimization for a website could eat up a lot of time. Due to this, most companies outsource their SEO work to agencies. This gives them the added advantage of saving time and also getting work done by professionals at an affordable cost.

We at GoDigital have made it a practice to give holistic SEO solutions to companies and agencies that are using our Swede-Aussie team

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