Search Engine Optimization

The main focus of SEO is to get potential customers to find your website via different search engines. In today’s competitive world, it is not sufficient to just offer the best products and services, your target audience must also be aware of your existence on the market. SEO is all about structuring your website accurately, which will assist you in acquiring the attention of your customers. The GoDigital SEO team is committed to ensuring the best results through hard work and a creative mindset.
As certified Google Partners, we strictly follow the Google guidelines for ethical search engine marketing, focusing on long-term results. For the most part, whenever we search the web, we have a clear objective and search in a rational way, because we know what we are searching for. If you are looking for a new pair of footy shoes, you would probably go to a search engine like Google for assistance in providing relevant options in regards to footy shoes. The best corresponding sites in accordance with the search criteria will be listed at the top of the search result, thereby generating an accurate search result on where to purchase the footy shoes. Hence, it is vital for any business to put increased efforts into SEO, as it is an exceedingly powerful tool in regards to increasing your revenue or ROI.

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Web Hosting

To be able to be found on Google you of course you need to have a website!

Social Footprint

If you want to increase your rating on Google, you should link your website at your social media platforms.


Overall Website Traffic

If you don't generate sufficient levels traffic to your website, Google will assume that your content isn't relevant, thus your Google ranking will drop.

Domain Name Authority

There is a few different factors that plays in here. The first is Age, the older your brand name is, the better your rating will be. Furthermore, if you get mentioned by other sources, it will boost your rating and lastly, if you have a passionate brand following that is talking about you, it will increase your google rating.


On-Page Factors

Your website needs to be very user-friendly, including the use of multiple keywords that are both generic to your industry and unique to your brand. 

Your content must also be relevant, useful and informative for Google to boost your position.

Often there is a conflict in between the needs of Google and website visitors. It's vital to strike a balance in order to attract and convert traffic!

Link Building

Off-page link building is one of the fundamental pillars of SEO, and is often forgotten or not even offered by Marketing agencies.


Backlinks to your website increases your relevancy and trust in the eyes of Google. However, these links must be of high quality and relevant to your industry.

These are just a few of the key factors that we at GoDigital utilise when we work on increasing your visibility and traffic. However, we use additional techniques and methods that you will experience if you use our SEO service. Contact us today and we will design a FREE and customised SEO plan for your business!