Analyzing the data

Search Engine Marketing

One of GoDigital’s primary SEM tools is Cost per click (CPC). This is an advertising tool that directs traffic into your website. The ads appear in a close relation to the organic search results. Featuring your ads is free of charge, however you pay for each click that leads the visitors to your website. Incorporating CPC will enable your business to get instant visibility and utilize your channel in a nifty way, hence there is a lot of potential for increased sales, generating awareness, and gathering insightful data.Our SEM team at GoDigital work continuously to identify catchphrases with the highest likelihood of generating desired return on investment (ROI) for our clients. They monitor and administrate their campaigns, as well as analyse their data in order to improve and optimise the results. Furthermore, our team will create a customised landing page, followed by a carefully analysed split test to maximize ROI. Cost Per 1000 impression (CPM) is also a very modern service we offer; the best way to generate awareness. The team at GoDigital work with Search engine marketing over a wide range of different platforms, such as computers, smartphones, tables, as well as Google Ads, Social Media and Youtube.

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